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 Polyanionic Cellulose LV/R

DESCRIPTION     Being classified as Premium Quality Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity (PAC LV) by the industry, filtraPAC® Low Vis PREMIUM is a low molecular weight, water soluble anionic polymer of sodium salt of carboxymethyl ether of cellulose, tailored for use in water based fluid systems where no additional viscosity increase is desired.

TYPICAL      Appearance Free Flowing White to Creamish Powder

PROPERTIES    Moisture %                  max. 10 

                            pH (1%)                      6,5 – 8,5

FUNCTION    The primary function of filtraPAC® Low Vis PREMIUM is to reduce and control the API filtration
rate while stabilizing the rheology of the mud without substantially increasing the viscosity regime of the fluid system. It also provides shale inhibition as a protective colloid and improvesthe filtercake quality and stability between the wellbore and the formation.

FEATURES    The unique characteristic of filtraPAC® Low Vis PREMIUM is its high rate of substituents placed
along with the cellulose chain, which ensures its efficiency even at low concentrations as well as high temperature and high pressure surroundings. It is compatible with other drilling fluid additives and applicable in dispersed or non dispersed, Fresh water, Sea water, KCl and Salt water fluid systems.

PERFORMANCE     Apparent Viscosity*   (cPs) max.               40
                                               Filter Loss*     (ml) max.               16
* As referenced in API 13A

CONCENTRATION    Depending on the salt level, other solids content and water quality, the recommended initial
treatment for filtraPAC® Low Vis PREMIUM is from 0.25 to 1 lb/bbl (0.71 to 2.85 kg/m3) for Fresh Water Systems and 1 to 3 lb/bbl (2.85 to 8.6 kg/m3) for Salt Water Systems.

LIMITATIONS     Elevated temperatures will reduce the viscosity of the fluid containing the product. To avoid the
thermal thinning, using an oxygen scavenger or a thermal stabilizer is recommended in excess of 149oC (300oF) in order to protect the properties of the polymer.

MIXING     FiltraPAC® Low Vis PREMIUM should be added to the solution by using high speed conventional
mixers at a uniform rate and slowly in order to avoid lumping or fish eye formation and delayed

HANDLING    It is non toxic for environment and not a dangerous material for transport regulations. The
product is packed in 25kg moisture proof kraft paper bags and should be stored cool indoors.



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