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SHALE-BLOCK SHALE-BLOCK is a sulfonated asphalt that is water soluble and primarily used as a shale stabilizer. SHALE-BLOCK is resistant to common mud contaminants and has exhibited high temperature stabilizing properties on weighted muds.


An asphaltic based shale stabilizer that is dispersible in both fresh water and sea water environments. SHALE-TONE can be used as a preventative treatment for sloughing shales or to overcome existing problems in shale sections. SHALE-TONE also provides some fluid loss properties as well as wellbore stabilization and lubrication.


This high molecular weight liquid PHPA provides viscosity development and hole cleaning capability in addition to shale encapsulation properties. RMI-PAL 30 has been used successfully for over 20 years to stabilize sloughing shales in fresh, KCl and salt water based drilling fluids. The liquid emulsion formulation offers a high activity product in a low viscosity, easy to handle product.


Our dry counterpart to the RMI-PAL 30. The RMI-PHPA is a granular powder with excellent handling and mixing properties. This product offers all of the performance characteristics of the liquid PHPA but has the economic benefits of a high activity powder.

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