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Liquid Xanthan

RMI-LQ. Xanthan

(Xanthan Liquid Suspension)

Description                RMI-LQ. Xanthan has been proven to be extremely effective in providing viscosity to thicken drilling mud.  When circulation stops the solids still remain suspended in the drilling fluid.  The demand for good control of the drilled solids has led to its expanded use in horizontal drilling.

Typical Properties       Appearance                Viscous beige liquid

                                           Flash point                   >215°F

                                           Viscosity                      API Method @ 3 rpm 15 cP

                                           Specific gravity           0.9892

                                           Pour point                    >-40°F

                                           Activity                        >40%           

Advantages            Provides reduced friction and circulating pressures

                                    Enhances drilling fluid viscosity

                                    Prevents washout to underwater concrete pours

                                    Easily and highly dispersible

                                    Provides suspension without the addition of solids

                                    Does not form “fish eyes

Application/Dosage  The specific dosage for each system depends upon the current conditions. It is recommended to run laboratory tests to determine specific dosage. Normal use level seen at 1-2 lbs/bbl.

Packaging                  RMI-LQ. Xanthan is available in 5 gallon pails at 42 lbs. net each, 55 gallon drums at 463 lbs. net each, and 275 gallon totes at 2233 lbs. net each.           

NOTE:     The information and data herein are believed to be accurate and have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable.  It is offered for your consideration, investigation and verification.  Buyer assumes all risk of use.  RMI Supply  LLC will not be liable for claims relating to any party’s use of our reliance on information and data contained herein regardless of whether it is claimed that the information or data are inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise misleading.


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