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GILSONITE® FACT SHEET  Liquid and Powder

Gilsonite is a naturally occurring, glossy black, solid hydrocarbon resin with a low specific gravity (1.05-1.06). 

The primary use of Gilsonite today is as an additive in drilling fluids and cementing slurries that are utilized in the drilling of oil and gas wells.  It is also used in hard resin printing inks for newspapers and magazines, in producing sand molds used in the foundry industry, and as a modifying agent in asphalt used for road paving.

Gilsonite is the preferred fluid loss control agent for use in oil based drilling fluids.  It provides shale stabilization superior to other additives and also functions as a malleable plugging agent that effectively seals off permeable zones as they are drilled.

Gilsonite also is an excellent fluid loss agent for use in water based drilling fluids.  When pre-treated with a surfactant to enhance dispersion, Gilsonite provides the same benefits in water based fluids as it does in oil based fluids – fluid loss control, shale stabilization, and lost circulation prevention.

Due to its high softening points (400-450°F), Gilsonite is especially effective in drilling fluids used to drill in high temperature environments.  Gilsonite provides excellent fluid loss control and shale stabilization even at these elevated bottom-hole temperatures.

Gilsonite is effective at sealing off permeable formations even when drilling such zones at a highly overbalanced pressure differential.  In this manner, Gilsonite helps prevent the occurrence of stuck pipe and stuck logging tools across these zones.

Gilsonite is used in cementing slurries to provide density control, scouring action for mud removal, and to support compressive strength development.  Gilsonite has a unique reaction with shale which improves cement bond development and strength.

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