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Defoamers - Aluminum DiStearate


Aluminum  DiStearate  is  aluminum  salt  of  stearic  acid,    also  called aluminum stearate. It is an effective defoamer for many types of water based mud systems. It enhances the breakout of gas and air bubbles, minimizing the foaming tendency of the drilling fluid.

Product Advantages

  • ·         Highly effective defoamer for virtually all types of water based mud

  • ·         Effective at low concentrations

  • ·         Easily prepared and added with materials available at the rig site

  • ·         Minimal effect on rheology of water based mud

Recommended Treatment

It can be mixed with diesel or mineral oil at the rate of 5 to 10 lbs per 5 gallons of oil and then added by spraying small amounts on top of the mud pit where foaming is evident. It can also be added directly as a powder by shaking small amounts over the mud pit foam.

Typical Properties

Appearance:                                    White Powder

Aluminum:                                        4.2 - 5.2%

Water:                                              1.5% Max

Free Acid:                                        5% Max

Melting Point:                                   160-170° C

Particle Size:                                    98% min pass 200 mesh


                    Aluminum DiStearate is available in 25 pound, multi-walled    paper bags, 40 bags per pallet.






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